On Being Fearless

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heylenthienes_designervaca1Since I moved to the US and especially since I started working from home, I feel like I’ve become something of a hermit; in the sense that big social events and big groups of people tend to overwhelm me.  But sometimes, this little voice inside me will push me to do something daring and take me out of my comfort zone (like starting a blog).  Last weekend was just like that.  I went to Palm Springs to join 50+ (very talented) creative girls for DesignerVaca organized by Promise Tangeman.

heylenthienes_designervacaMy goal was simple: meet people, don’t get overwhelmed. Well, both happened. And it was amazing!  The wealth of knowledge I took from this event was beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and the people I met were some of the most talented, inspirational and courageous I’ve met.


I went in feeling shy and small (and exhausted from all the traveling), and left feeling inspired and challenged to push myself, personally and professionally to build my dream career.  My favourite quote on this was from Megan Gilger when she asked us – “What is the life you want to live? Go and create a business that’s going to fit around that and inspire”.  How amazing and challenging is that? That we can actually do that.  That all it takes is a little bit of courage and a fearless attitude  (and of course hard work, and not comparing oneself to others) to carve this out.

Life’s short, so why not live the dream?


Ps: I only knew one other person on that trip and I hadn’t seen her in over three years!

This is a Video by  Jaymee Zeller Harney, and it pretty much sums up the whole event!

Other favourite things from this trip:

Being told to not be intimidated by others and to go for it by Star

Talking about fears and risk taking with Jessica, Alicia, Shauna, Star, Lindsay, Jeniffer and Kayla – which is why I started this blog.

Sharing a room and late night conversations with Alicia, Kasey & Marlene

Driving in the mom van from San Diego ||—> Palm Springs with Morgan, Erin, Lisa, Erika & Candace

Talking wedding plans and babies with Cassie & Jane

Flipping and drooling through the pages of Knitting by Design by Emma Robertson

Remembering why I’d rather be short (thank you Becky Murphy for writing and illustrating this book – you rock!)

On heritage and living in modern day America with Liz

Talking to and falling in love with Julia’s stationery and Sarah’s home decor ….

Poolside drinks with every single girl on this list

11 thoughts on “On Being Fearless

  1. I still think about our conversation regarding heritage and being an American with rich cultures. And then I remember that weirdo guy who just butted into our conversation and we were like uhhh….hahaha.

    1. HAHAHA oh my gosh that’s so funny! I was thinking the same thing the other day, how we were trying to have this big discussion and that guy just wouldn’t go away! Oh the beauty of being in a big group of girls in bikinis! But I did really appreciate the conversation though… 😉

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