A Collection of Bits and Bobs

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Ever since I was a child I remember collecting what I like to call bits and bobs of paper; my dad would would call it rubbish and I would still call it treasures! When I went home last month my parents kindly asked me to take care of my ‘treasures’ and my dad even volunteered to take all the ‘rubbish’ out  – apparently  they wanted needed the space to store their new children bikes and my five boxes needed to go out.

heylenthienes - paper obsesion one

I was dreading going through this because I knew I was going to have to fight the urge to keep everything and want to bring it all home – and my suitcase was already full with all my new clothes!

Nevertheless, I knew it had to be done and I tried to be as ruthless as I could. It was like taking a trip down memory lane, exhibitions at the Tate Modern, that Jimi Hendrix project I got an A for, that London bus project I never want to see again… and quickly I knew what I wanted to keep and what I no longer valued.  Then I found my treasure wallet. One I was actually mad I’d forgotten to pack when I first moved over here…  In this wallet I have postcards from trips to Barcelona, Granada, the British Museum, the Hayward Gallery, Concert tickets, real Football match tickets and a bunch of other pretties I’ve found along the way. As you can see it’s busting at the seams, and needless to say it came home with me!

heylenthienes - paper obsession

Along with new additions from exhibitions, restaurants and shops I visited this time. I also brought home receipts, menus, library cards and notebooks (I couldn’t fit them all into one picture). I tried not to go crazy, after all we live in a small house and my studio space is a lot more limited than my parents new bike storage.

It’s a good thing my husband understands my obsession… or this could quickly become a problem….



Coat label from Twenty8twelve, Que Beleza postcard from the Mira Schendel exhibition, Hut by Lizzy Stewart, Byron Hamburgers Menu, and a little notebook from my favorite stationery shop Present & Correct


2 thoughts on “A Collection of Bits and Bobs

  1. That is so awesome. Also, you sound jus like me :p
    Whenever I got home my mom makes me sort through a few more of the boxes I still have there. It’s so hard to decide sometimes, what to keep, what to get rid of. It’s also super frustrating when there’s those special little pieces you want to take home but that are too big and heavy to actually stuff in your suitcase.

    1. November 21, 2013
      4:32 pm
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      I know exactly what you mean… I just can’t part with all my college and uni (and even some secondary school) sketchbooks. I really wanted to bring those home, but they were just too heavy, so I left just one box with all of that. I also studied film photography for two years and have an endless number of negatives and test prints that I can’t get rid of. I do have to admit that after not looking at stuff for that long a period of time, it was a lot easier to decide what was important and what wasn’t….

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