Will Your Dreams Ever Come True?


On Monday morning I sat at my dining table feeling somewhat overwhelmed, looked at Seth and asked – do you ever wonder if your dreams will actually going to come true?

HeylenThienes - Will Your Dreams Ever Come True?

For the last two months I have been working on rebranding my graphic design business, I’ve decided to go from Victorious Media to Heylen Thienes Creative. After all, I am a team of one right now and want a more personable relationship with my clients.  I am still in the beginning of my freelance career and feel like working under my own name will help build a solid foundation for the future.

With that said, for the last two months I have been doing a lot of thinking and researching, from figuring out who my dream client is, to who I am as a business and how to blend my personal life with the professional, because the lines really are blurred sometimes!  And let me tell you that it is not easy.

When I started two months ago I really thought that by the end of February I would have it all figured out, but just like remodeling your home, it always takes longer.  I’m at a point where I know where it’s going, but coming up with the visuals for myself are proving to be a challenge – I’ve always heard that as designers we’re our own worst clients and it’s true. I have so many ideas and I don’t have anybody else to respond to but myself, which is probably why I’m finding it hard to nail the precise look I want.

But what I have come to realize this week (after a good night’s sleep), is that to make our dreams come true, it takes time and hard work, so while I feel like I’m going nowhere – I am actually working on making my dream come true.  Most the people I admire in the design community did not become who they are overnight, it happened over years, with time, patience and practice.

So here’s to working hard, putting the time in, and being patient as we make our dreams come true!

Photo by my amazing hubby on our trip to Miami earlier this year.


5 thoughts on “Will Your Dreams Ever Come True?

  1. Designing for yourself is the absolute hardest thing, I agree. My mistake was jumping right into the design stage before I had figured out what the purpose of my business was. It’s funny how we can walk a client through a buttoned up process but that all goes out the window when we design for ourselves. Keep at it and don’t worry about everything being perfect right away. You’ll continue tweaking your business for … well … ever. It’s all part of the process.

    1. Thanks for being so encouraging Krystle! I feel like I’ve done that in the past too, designing for myself instead of for my business and the two don’t go together 100% of the time. Or having an idea, running with it, and then hating it later because I didn’t think about it thoroughly… I’m trying really hard to take all these things into account this time, so that I can have a ‘brand’ that I can keep for years, and that will truly represent what I want my business to represent/say, which of course means that i’ll keep tweaking it forever, but hopefully I can lay a strong foundation now…

  2. Sometimes we don´t even realize when our dreams have come true because we are already on to the next dream……..

    1. You are so right Am! Once we achieve something it almost becomes insignificant, and instead of enjoying it and realizing the work and effort that went into it, suddenly we want something bigger/better…

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