California Skies – The Soundtrack



HeylenThienes | California Dreaming

We’re headed to California for a little workation and I’m so excited!

For the last two weeks, in addition to stressing out about my own branding, we’ve been remodeling our own home (finally) and redecorating a little.  Nothing major, but enough to make a much better living space.  We basically crammed everything we wanted to do in the last two years into the last two weeks – needless to say, we’re exhausted!So this trip may bring a much needed break, from the scenery at least (and the boxes)!

I don’t know why, but every time I think of California, it just makes me so excited! It must be all the movies and sitcoms we watched growing up.  Two years ago my sister and I came up with a list of songs to play as we crossed the Oregon/California border and then settled “California” by Phantom Planet, yes, the theme song to the OC; and it only felt right to come up with some sort of soundtrack to commemorate this trip too.

This time, instead of focusing on something state themed, I chose something more mood themed, and I don’t know what  is about it, but this Playlist by Barcelona based music studio Monday Music, just seems to feel right, and it will be the soundtrack for our trip.  So if you’re in need of something different, and don’t want to put a lot of effort into it, head over to their page and check out their goods.  I think my favourite song on the list has to be The Funeral by Band of Horses… no particular reason why, it just sounds good!



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