From The Weekend – Timberline Lodge

Adventure, Personal

It’s been a while since I went snowboarding, but having just finished acquiring all my gear, I was dying to go. So needless to say when my friend Carrie and her boyfriend invited us to go to Timberline Lodge and take advantage of lower spring season tickets, I jumped on it! It ended up being Carrie, Andy, Carrie’s sister Jenny, and my own little sis Laura!

We had a blast trying to make it down the hill, taking a number of drops on our butts, and of course – dealing with the dreaded lift. Laura and I finally made it off the lift at the end of the day without falling either flat on our faces or on some awkward position and then being shouted at by the attendant to move out of the way! If you know me, you know I can’t always hold my temper, but I tried really really hard that day 😉 I just wanted to shout at him that I obviously wasn’t on the floor by choice…

A serious tumble on my part (I was seeing stars for a while), mixed with sore muscles and a long ride home demanded we stopped at the lodge for an après-ski cuppa hot chocolate. I had never been to Timberline Lodge before, and boy was I blown away by it. It was built in the 1930s and is now a National Historic Landmark, it’s beautiful and rustic on the inside and the furniture is to die for, I want all those couches in my house (if only they would fit!).

Three days later I still have a sore neck that I can’t get enough Tiger Balm on and a few bruises on my palms, shins… but now I just can’t wait til the next time I go again!


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