Turning Twenty Eight



Yesterday I turned twenty eight.  And unlike last year, this year I was (am) excited to be turning a year older.  To be planning for the future and realising that entering the end of my twenties isn’t at all as scary as I thought it would be, and that I am exactly where I need to be.

I think sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to overachieve by an early age.  When I look at girls like Becky Murphy, Jessica Comingore, and Promise Tangeman, it’s hard to not feel like a failure because I didn’t bloom in my early/mid 20s.  One of the most important lessons this past year has taught me, was that we all bloom at different times: did you know that Lebanese Cedars produce seed cones every two years and it takes them twelve months to mature from their pollination? Success – personal or professional – does not happen overnight, but over time. And comparison doesn’t get you anywhere. I take my hat off to these amazing ladies because they are super sweet, and super talented and figured out what they were crazy passionate about early on.

 I was always the youngest everywhere I went, and it was tiring. I felt like I needed to keep up, didn’t know enough or just lost.  Now I’m beginning to enjoy being just me, the right age at the right time.  The last twelve months have been incredible and challenging (incredibly challenging too actually).  I have met so many amazing people and learnt things about myself (in my personal and professional life) that I couldn’t have dreamt of.


I have deemed twenty seven the year of the rock foundation, setting things up for the future.  In the midst of everything, including the highs and the lows and I can see how the challenges of last year are preparing me for the future: beginning to think about a family, starting to work on our home, growing the business. Thus I’m calling twenty eight the year of building… we’ll see how it goes.

I’m ecstatic to see how this year goes, what surprises God has in store and I’ll need to remember that the challenges will continue to come, but if I put don’t wood in the fire, it’ll go out (Prov: 26:20).

Some of this past year’s highlights:

+ Going back to London in October

+ Watching my sister get married at sunset in Costa Rica

+ Driving from Southern California with my best friend aka my husband

+ Working under my own name

+ Going to Vegas & LA with one of my best friends

+ Getting my own studio space

+ Backpacking with my brother-in-law and his fiancee

+ Finding out my parents are coming to visit me

+ Spending my birthday with my husband in the woods, camping (yes – it’s possible even if you’re a whole30 diet), driving, floating and listening to Cherry Bombe’s podcasts!

What are some of the things you’ve learnt as you’ve gotten older?




One thought on “Turning Twenty Eight

  1. Heylen!

    I turned 28 this year too. It is a funny age as it is really your late 20s, at 27 you can still pull off being mid! However I have felt for a very long time that age in line with success, and achievements etc are not life quality definers; and like you said we all develop in our own time.

    First of all, you get to be the cool Londoner in America! That is always going to be something that you should take in your awesome life bank of experiences. In the shoes of you as a Londoner, you have achieved a momentous lifestyle move and change. That isn’t easy! So much adapting, and from what I can see and read you are doing so well. In the shoes of you as an “American”; you are the awesome LONDONER! That experience alone will influence your work style, design, personality, and your approach to your work that many won’t have. You have absorbed so much in your 28 years and so many cultures. You have traveled too and experienced life in foreign cities that people can only dream of doing. You are in and have a wonderful Marriage too which looks filled with so much fun and love!

    Comparing is such a downfall but so easy to do. Even when I was 24 I was feeling overwhelmed by all the cool 19 year old London super creative kids that were being featured on blogs, and other media outlets left right and center. However when I stepped back and actually counted all my personal experiences, achievements, reached goals, happy moments one can’t help but feel blessed and excited of the future. I will focus on what has happened, and realize that actually, it is a pretty great springboard for more exciting things that are waiting to be achieved.

    If there is any doubt, cast it out. You’ve got it locked. It shows to all of us across the Atlantic.

    Nat xx

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