Hi. I’m Heylen. I am a graphic designer and you can see my portfolio here. I love gardening, hiking, taking pictures, and a mighty good cup of tea. As a Colombian born, London raised lassie who has done quite a bit of traveling, I’ve come to know good tea is not optional—it’s mandatory. I also love magazines and have quite the collection, since I have  a B.A. in Magazine Publishing (from the London College of Communication), I bought magazines instead of books. Two of my favourite finds are Amelia & Marmalade (email me if you want an extensive list—or want to trade gardening secrets!).

It was actually the love for fashion magazines (think Vogue, Face, i-D, Interview), collages, and watercolors (and my art teacher) that encouraged me to explore design. I had no idea how to mix these three together or how I could even make a career out of it, but that exploration and curiosity over the years has grown into a full time dream job. Now, I not only make collages (inspiration boards), occasionally design magazine spreads, and sometimes play with watercolors but also—and most importantly—have the pleasure of working with small businesses.

I started this blog to share both personal and professional milestones, I felt like I couldn’t go into as detail as I wanted on Facebook anymore, so here we are.

Oh I almost forgot -I currently live in beautiful Bend, Oregon (I moved here for love, and the kombucha ).

Isaiah 55:10 & 11


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