Maternity Underwear

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Since my last post, we fixed up our house (almost finished) and had a baby…so this blog has been VERY neglected.
Anyway, continuing on my journey on ethical and sustainable clothes shopping boat there were a few items I discovered while I was pregnant that were life savers, such as maternity underwear. Admittedly I bought them too late, at the end of my pregnancy when it was obvious my regular underwear wasn’t going to stretch anymore and I needed to stop being a cheap ass (because who wants to invest on clothing they’re only going to wear for like six months, right?! (how silly of me thinking that)) and get myself something more comfortable.

Enter Storq. I’m not entirely sure how I came across this company – probably through Instagram – but I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the products and the color palette spoke directly to me: black and white! To top it all off their products are all made in the USA and the company was founded by a very cool mama!
Reading My Tea Leaves

I ordered their underwear bundle which includes panties, a bra and a pair of socks for $65 and my pregnant body had never been more thankful. The fabric is the softest lenzing modal, the bra has no clips and nothing has pesky labels, nothing digs into your body or rubs you the wrong way (see what I did there hehe). This is also my favourite nursing bra, because you can just pull it to the side and your boob just pops out; you don’t have sit there fiddling with the clip, which if you’re a first time mum and are trying to get the hang of breastfeeding, that clip can be an absolute nightmare. It also accommodates your boobie pads, because nobody likes milk on their shirt.

Storq Underwear
Full disclosure when I washed these guys a few bubbles popped up, but I contacted their customer service – who were extremely speedy (because they’re in LA) and helpful – and they assured me this one a one off and took care of me. All in all though, the comfort and happiness of having underwear that fitted that well and felt that good on my skin far outweighed the little bubbles on the fabric. So if you’re pregnant or nursing don’t be like me and wait until you’re 30 weeks pregnant to get new underwear… head over to Storq and treat yourself! I promise they’re not paying me to tell you that… I just like to share my favourite finds; BUT if you use this link, both you and I get $15 off a $100 purchase … hey, I’ve got my eye on the diaper bag 😉

Pictures via Reading My Tea Leaves and Storq.