October: Favourite Things

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This past month has been incredible.  So much has gone on, that it’s almost impossible to sum it up in just one post, nevertheless I thought I’d share a glimpse of what’s been going on…

I’ve been in London for the past few weeks and it has been incredible catching up with friends and family over tea and burgers and milkshakes (apparently this is the thing to do right now).

Since moving away, there’s a been a few things that I realized I’d wished I’d done more of, one of them being going to London’s markets, so a visit to Columbia Road Market (the flower market) with this fashionista was a must!


Another favourite thing I’ve done this month is going to some amazing art events and exhibitions including the Mira Schendel exhibition at the Tate Modern and the  Club to Catwalk London Fashion in the 1980s exhibition at the V&A


Left: Mira Schendel Graphic Object 1967 Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros © Mira Schedel Estate, Right: Courtesy V&A

On things closer to home, last month I shared about meeting the oh so lovely Becky Murphy and her book I’d Rather be Short, well this week it was published by Plume Books (imprint of Penguin Random House) and I couldn’t be more excited about it coming in the mail!  Being 5”4 I’ve been (lovingly) teased about my height ever since I stopped growing (so about 10 years)… I can relate to this book in more ways than I care to admit, which is what makes it so awesome, which obviously makes it a favourite for this month … Also Becky is super awesome in person and you should check out her blog!


I’d Rather be Short – Images Courtesy Becky Murphy – click to see more pics

Lastly, I got to meet up with the awesome Erin Annacker for Design Week Portland and listen to amazing women speak about our role in the Design industry, why it’s so important to tell a story and not just make things look pretty.  Also got to go Creative Morning PDX and listen to Drew Endy, which completely opened my eyes at how important design and communication is, and how for the past two years I’ve put it in a very small box! Time to change perspectives….


Have a great weekend!