Invitations: Jana + Eli

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JANA + ELI TOGETHERA little over a month ago my brother-in-law got married to his beautiful bride.  This is one of the weddings that I have probably been the most involved in, being a family member, bridesmaid (Seth was the best man), visual coordinator and of course, wedding invitation designer.  We all worked hard to make this wedding happen, from assembling countless of invitations to getting coffee and driving away with the bride and groom’s cake on our hood and it was so much fun.

When designing wedding invitations I ask all my clients about their engagement story, and ask them tell me if there are any icons, objects, or places that have real meaning in their relationship, for Jana & Eli it was the South Sister (where they got engaged). They wanted an invitation that would truly represent who they were, where they’d been and their wedding style: country vintage with a hint of modern and that’s how this design came along.

We followed that through with the decorations, using burlap as table runners, heirloom china, crystal and table cloths for the top table, Eli cut wood rounds for the center pieces, my mother-in-law used pretty sunflowers for the bouquets and our friend made chalkboard signs for directions.  Everybody got involved. Even my parents came out. And it was wonderful event.If you’re getting married in the near future, and would like visual direction and wonderfully designed invitations for your wedding, I’m currently booking for 2015 so get in touchPhotography by Victoria Carlson || See their engagement Story and Pictures

Invitation + JanaJana + Eli 0010Jana + Eli 0003 Top Table + Eli  Wedding PartyEli, Jana - Seth + I


Mood Board: Jana + Elisha

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Jana & Elisha: Designed by Heylen Thienes

In case it hadn’t been pretty obvious from this post, there’s a wedding happening.  & I’m so excited! Not only because I love the two people that are getting married, but because I love weddings and every little detail that goes into making weddings beautiful.  Of course, it’s a lot easier when it’s not your own and you’ve already been through the process.  It’s easier to make decisions and experience has taught you what’s really important, what you’ll remember and what you won’t, what you should delegate and to whom.

As a bridesmaid and graphic designer it’s my pleasure to have been entrusted with the wedding invitations, I mean, look at that mood board.  I seriously cannot wait to see what these babies end up looking like. Stay tuned for the after effects.

A Collection of Bits and Bobs

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Ever since I was a child I remember collecting what I like to call bits and bobs of paper; my dad would would call it rubbish and I would still call it treasures! When I went home last month my parents kindly asked me to take care of my ‘treasures’ and my dad even volunteered to take all the ‘rubbish’ out  – apparently  they wanted needed the space to store their new children bikes and my five boxes needed to go out.

heylenthienes - paper obsesion one

I was dreading going through this because I knew I was going to have to fight the urge to keep everything and want to bring it all home – and my suitcase was already full with all my new clothes!

Nevertheless, I knew it had to be done and I tried to be as ruthless as I could. It was like taking a trip down memory lane, exhibitions at the Tate Modern, that Jimi Hendrix project I got an A for, that London bus project I never want to see again… and quickly I knew what I wanted to keep and what I no longer valued.  Then I found my treasure wallet. One I was actually mad I’d forgotten to pack when I first moved over here…  In this wallet I have postcards from trips to Barcelona, Granada, the British Museum, the Hayward Gallery, Concert tickets, real Football match tickets and a bunch of other pretties I’ve found along the way. As you can see it’s busting at the seams, and needless to say it came home with me!

heylenthienes - paper obsession

Along with new additions from exhibitions, restaurants and shops I visited this time. I also brought home receipts, menus, library cards and notebooks (I couldn’t fit them all into one picture). I tried not to go crazy, after all we live in a small house and my studio space is a lot more limited than my parents new bike storage.

It’s a good thing my husband understands my obsession… or this could quickly become a problem….



Coat label from Twenty8twelve, Que Beleza postcard from the Mira Schendel exhibition, Hut by Lizzy Stewart, Byron Hamburgers Menu, and a little notebook from my favorite stationery shop Present & Correct