A Collection of Bits and Bobs

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Ever since I was a child I remember collecting what I like to call bits and bobs of paper; my dad would would call it rubbish and I would still call it treasures! When I went home last month my parents kindly asked me to take care of my ‘treasures’ and my dad even volunteered to take all the ‘rubbish’ out  – apparently  they wanted needed the space to store their new children bikes and my five boxes needed to go out.

heylenthienes - paper obsesion one

I was dreading going through this because I knew I was going to have to fight the urge to keep everything and want to bring it all home – and my suitcase was already full with all my new clothes!

Nevertheless, I knew it had to be done and I tried to be as ruthless as I could. It was like taking a trip down memory lane, exhibitions at the Tate Modern, that Jimi Hendrix project I got an A for, that London bus project I never want to see again… and quickly I knew what I wanted to keep and what I no longer valued.  Then I found my treasure wallet. One I was actually mad I’d forgotten to pack when I first moved over here…  In this wallet I have postcards from trips to Barcelona, Granada, the British Museum, the Hayward Gallery, Concert tickets, real Football match tickets and a bunch of other pretties I’ve found along the way. As you can see it’s busting at the seams, and needless to say it came home with me!

heylenthienes - paper obsession

Along with new additions from exhibitions, restaurants and shops I visited this time. I also brought home receipts, menus, library cards and notebooks (I couldn’t fit them all into one picture). I tried not to go crazy, after all we live in a small house and my studio space is a lot more limited than my parents new bike storage.

It’s a good thing my husband understands my obsession… or this could quickly become a problem….



Coat label from Twenty8twelve, Que Beleza postcard from the Mira Schendel exhibition, Hut by Lizzy Stewart, Byron Hamburgers Menu, and a little notebook from my favorite stationery shop Present & Correct