Jefferson Millhouse: Part 3 – From the Ground Up

Jefferson Millhouse, Remodel

HeylenThienes | Kitchen + Bathroom

Last time I shared about Jefferson Millhouse, I posted the mood board we used to spring from and get direction for this little house.  It was probably one of the most useful things we did right at the beginning so we (my husband, his uncle and I) could all be on the same page.  Having an idea of what we wanted to do helped us in planning every detail, from room sizes, tile, and paint, to finding out how and who could restore the original tub.  Blogger and graphic designer Shauna Haider just also shared how important knowing what you want at the beginning of a remodel is, you can  read her post here.

If you want to be even more prepared you should also make a lighting plan, that way when your electrician (one of the more expensive parts of the project) comes, he knows exactly what to do and it’ll end up costing you less!

HeylenThienes | Jefferson Teardown

The above picture pretty sums it all up – we took both sides of the house down to the studs, and started fresh.  So much needed to be done that this was the best way to restore it to the extent we wanted to.

These are some of the thing we improved, replaced and or brought up to code:

1. Plumbing

2. Electrical

3. Insulation & spanking new drywall

4. Restored the hardwood floor where we could and installed new floor where we couldn’t

5. Tiled the bathrooms

6. Brand new, custom made kitchens

7. Added a reading nook to with a window to make the bedroom legal!

If you can’t wait to see it all finished, head over to our Facebook  or Airbnb pages and check it out, and read the previous posts here.

Photos by Stefanie Holland and myself.